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Image of google ads interface August 27th, 2021

New Google Ads Interface – The Features You’ve Never Used

When Google announced the new interface for their advertising platform, they were largely negative. The company’s community forums lit up, and many people complained about how difficult it was to navigate through. However, some features simplify navigating, even if you don’t have experience in this field! Here is an overview of useful features in Google Ads Interface.

Improved Demographic Targeting

Do you know the ins and outs of demographics? Google’s recent update to their targeting options for search ads will change your mind. With a user-friendly interface, advertisers can now target users by gender or age to reach people most likely interested in what they’re selling. This has made demographic targeting more potent than ever before; no longer are we confined just to geolocation when it comes time to write our ads!

Promotion Extensions

Promotions can be an excellent way to promote your specials on the web, but consider using promotional extensions if you want them in a more prominent place. Extensions will allow additional advertising space and help save valuable characters that might go unused with ads or other promotions. Promotional extensions are also great because they provide another opportunity to remind customers how important it is not to miss out on these special offers!

Promotion extensions offer yet one more chance at reminding potential buyers of what’s being delivered via a promo extension- just like our slogan says: “Don’t Miss Out!”

Advanced Reporting

With Google’s new and improved UI, you can now easily manage your PPC campaigns. It has a visually appealing design that splits clicks, costs conversions by desktop or tablet usage to make it easier for marketers like yourself to optimize bids when targeting specific devices!

Bid Negotiation Made Easy

Do you know the worst thing about managing your bids? When you have active adjustments in one direction or another at six different levels and nine different places. That’s surprisingly common, too! It guarantees weekly headaches for any marketer who has to juggle all of them – probably most people. Why not make life easier on yourself by automating it with our new bid management tool that lets you set up automatic adjustment rules based on specific keywords…just like this: “Set a minimum CPC of $1 when someone searches ‘SEO Company.’ And if they search ‘best SEO,’ then change my maximum budget from $5 per click to 10.”

Google’s Ad Interface offers various features, including location-based ads for mobile devices and tablets; Google Shopping Ads allow advertisers to upload product information in bulk instead of item by item. You can also create custom audiences based on projected spending behavior with their Customer Match service or view the performance metrics associated with your ad campaign through analytics tools like Analytics 360 Suite.